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Valley Project

2019 - ongoing

Credits: Project Studio (Ed Wall)

Model Maker and Collaborator: Emma Colthurst


The Valley Project is an exploration of Patrick Geddes valley section as a tool for analysis and speculation of future urban landscapes. Extending beyond what Geddes termed ‘natural occupations’, the project proposes that the framework of the valley section be adapted to analyse other relations with land, from historic forms to future urbanisations.

The model of the Valley Project map relations across a Northeast Scottish Highland landscape, including processes of making whisky, from spring, hills, fields, stills, and bars. Within the model are tiny vials of whisky that give presence to the products of the valley along with Geddes’ triad of place, work, and folk. 

The Valley Project has been published in Architectural Design (AD), Metropolitan Landscapes (Contin 2021), Landscape: The Journal of the Landscape Institute, Landscape Australia: Design Urbanism and Planning, and FWD>Thinking. It has been exhibited in the Stephen Lawrence Gallery, London. 

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