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The project Reconnecting Realities investigates the intangible cultural heritage of Ludic Play. Intangible cultural heritage is defined by UNSECO states as the practices, expressions, knowledge, skills, communities and groups recognised as part of their cultural heritage. The UK has a history of learning through play, such as playground games. With technology and digital play constantly advancing, children are losing the communication skills gained through ludic play.


The development of Augmented Reality provides a bridge between the realities, by directly overlaying the digital onto the physical. A physical game with an overlaying digital reality forms the project conclusion. Once the wooden frame is assembled, two players race each other to the bottom of the game, as they collect both physical and digital counters. The digital reality is revealed through the users iPad or phone and can be programmed to personalised digital realities. The game is currently programmed so the blue counters reveal Star Wars characters, and the green reveals My Little Pony. To unlock this digital world fully, players must interact through forced and playful collisions as the race to the end.

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